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3D orthopedic soles

ScientiFeet is one of the most experienced companies in the design of 3D printed orthopedic soles.

3D soles. Why ?

Légèreté des semelles 3D

Lightweight & Thin

Thinner soles that fit in all shoes.


Stimulating and corrective insoles that improve the stride.


Insoles that perfectly fit the foot.
Durabilité des semelles 3D


Guaranteed 1 year.


Machine washable at 30°.


Guaranteed 1 year.
Semelles 3D paramétrables


Unique product adapted to all types of pathology
Semelles 3D reproductibles


Insoles that can be reproduced identically and infinitely.


Scientific studies conducted on the therapeutic effects.

Made in France

The insoles are made in France, in Annecy.


3D soles. For Who ?

  • SENIORS : Comfortable and deformity-friendly insoles for all pathologies.
  • CHILDREN : Stimulating and correcting insoles that evolve throughout the growth.
  • DIABETIC FOOT : Optimization of the discharge zones for a better distribution of support.
  • ATHLETES : Lighter and more dynamic soles for better performance.

They use ScientiFeet

“ After more than a year with traditional insoles, my podiatrist directed me to 3D insoles, the comfort was clearly superior and their thinness allowed me to adapt them to all my shoes. ”
Anne-Marie, 84 years old
Suffers from ankle pain
“ After a few days the pain had almost disappeared, I had no more pain when I went to bed at night. “
Olivier, 59 years old
suffers from foot pain
“My podiatrist suggested a new technology of 3D printed insoles. He took the impressions of my feet with a scanner and the next week he called me to tell me he had received them, he fitted them to my shoes and in 2 weeks no more pain!”
Jessica, 28 years old
suffers from back pain

Frequently asked questions

ScientiFeet is an outsourcing solution for 3D printing technology of orthotics for foot care professionals (chiropodists, orthopedic technicians, etc.). Furthermore, ScientiFeet is a brand of PODO 3D, a subsidiary of Prodways Group, the French leader in 3D printing.

Subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé (innovative French ETI and exporter specializing in high-tech products and services), Prodways Group is the French leader in 3D printing. Prodways Group is involved in the entire value chain of additive manufacturing. They developped a range of industrial machines (technologies: SLS and SLA), a range of associated materials. They also developped a leading competence center in France in Product Development, Additive Manufacturing and Production (Initial). Prodways Group is also involved in supporting innovative companies through Prodways Entrepreneurs, which supports and funds innovative European players in 3D printing. Finally, Prodways Group develops applications around 3D printing such as ScientiFeet, manufacturer of orthopedic insoles in 3D printing.

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