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Scientifeet Solution

Four steps in response to your diagnosis.

Acquisition of prints with 3D scanner in charge or discharge

Initially, the podiatrist comes to deform the membrane of PodoClic on the foot of the patient. Then, in a click, the podiatrist comes to digitalize the print of the patient on the interface of modeling of the insole

Modeling by the Podiatrist on our intuitive software.

Then, the podiatrist will import the impression on the interface of modeling of the sole. Our software creates a custom insole model that can be fully customized according to your diagnosis.

Outsourced manufacturing in our 3D printer park

Once the 3D insoles are modeled and validated by the podiatrist, the printing is launched in the shortest possible time.

Delivery of the finished product to the podiatrist office.

The insoles are delivered within 5 working days, glued or not, with a large choice of coverings: anti-odour, light, breathable and durable.

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