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3D orthopedic insole

Customize your insoles with all standard podiatry corrections based on your diagnosis.

Charasteristics Assets of our 3D insoles

Légèreté des semelles 3D


10 grams per printed sole.
Finesse des semelles 3D


Choice of thickness between 1.5 and 2.5 mm.
Souplesse des semelles 3D


Choice between 20 shore and 70 shore A.
Durabilité des semelles 3D


1 year warranty.

Made in France

Printed in Annecy.
Semelles 3D éco-conçues


No loss of matter.
Semelles 3D paramétrables


You totally control the insole
Semelles 3D reproductibles


Printed an identical second pair.
Semelles 3D hygiéniques


Washable at 30°


Reachback to the reel.

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Scientific studies on the therapeutic effects of our insoles, in collaboration with the public laboratory of biomechanics of the IFSTTAR and the medical faculty of Aix-Marseille.

Customisation of treatment with unmatched precision and repeatability, for an adapted response to the diagnosis and better compliance with treatment.

Time saving in the making of insoles, allowing the care of more patients

3D insoles for all types of patients pathology

ScientiFeet insoles are suitable for all types of patients and pathologies :

  • ATHLETES : Lighter, more dynamic soles for better performance.
  • SENIORS : Comfortable and deformity-friendly insoles.
  • LONG-TERM DISABILITY :Insoles that comply with legislation and the ALD protocol.
  • CHILDREN : Stimulating and correcting insoles that evolve throughout growth.
  • DIABETIC FOOT : Optimization of the discharge zones for a better distribution of the supports
  • LOW FOOTWEAR VOLUME : Thinner corrective insoles, adapted to a low footwear volume.

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