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About us

ScientiFeet was developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals and offers a turnkey solution for outsourced manufacturing of foot orthotics.

Podiatrists meet 3D printing

ScientiFeet is the result of a meeting between podiatrists (state-qualified), passionate about technology and Prodways, the French leader in 3D printing.

As a result, ScientiFeet is one of the companies with the best experience in the design of orthopedic insoles in 3D printing.

A group serving health

The Prodways group, to which Scientifeet belongs, has already demonstrated its ability to support and improve the daily life of  practitioners with 3D technology. This is the case in the dental field with the subsidiary Crystal by Prodways and in the hearing field with the subsidiary Interson by Prodways.

What is the promise of the ScientiFeet team?

The ScientiFeet team aims to improve the daily life of healthcare professionals by putting 3D printing technology at their service.

What are the main functions at ScientiFeet ?

Product development

It covers the development of impression acquisition and 3D modeling software through the development of 3D scanners through the development of 3D scanner to the finishing of the delivered product: orthesis and technical covering.

Communication and marketing

Animate the community of practitioners using the solution and serve the patients by raising awareness on the importance of podiatry and related pathologies.

Business development

In its growth phase, commercial development is the lung of the company with many challenges.

You are Podiatrist ?

You are Patient ?