Our support

A young and dynamic team always at your service.

Initial formation

During the installation of the equipment in your office, we provide training in the use of the solution and 3D modeling on our application.

This will be done remotely or at your office if possible for a duration of 1h30.

Our experts will teach you the basics from the taking of the footprint to the delivery of the pair to the patient while giving you the different tips learned from experience by your colleagues.

Online Community

Finally, we give you access to an online community of users of the solution which allows you to exchange directly with podiatrists and ask them all the questions you want.


In addition to this initial training, we offer you to participate in short and regular workshops to train you on specific subjects (pathology, fitting, use,…).

Our teams remain at your disposal if you encounter any type of problem and if you need advice on the choice of your corrections.

Take part in a demonstration