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Podiatrist with 9 years of experience on thermoformed insoles with “vacuum borrowers”

"Higher level of orthesis finishing than other 3D systems"

Since when do you use the ScientiFeet solution?

I use it in the office since the spring of 2016, moreover in the coming days I will design my 300th pair of orthoses in 3D!

What technique (s) did you use before?

Previously I was doing thermoforming with “vacuum borrowers”. Note that for children I stay on a classic technique.

The arguments of the switch to the solution ScientiFeet?

Interested in new technologies, I was considering the transition to 3D. As my patient is mostly made up of CSP + in a business district, it seemed to me to be legal to be equipped with the latest technologies, especially since it coincided with the creation of my new firm. The meeting with the team of Scientifeet convinced me: precise and fast impression taking, easy parameterization with many possibilities, level of finishing of ortheses superior to other 3D systems, made in Rhône-Alpes, certified chiropodist in the team.

What are the results of the points you were skeptical about before you started?

At first I was apprehensive rigidity of the sole, the impact on the heel but after having personally tested, with a recess and adding absorber it is not. The first settings are sources of interrogations (what zone? What density for what effect? ​​…) the tutorials according to the pathologies oriented me well and guided at the beginning. I must admit that I began to pair patients I knew and who I had already made thermos to have their feelings on these new OP 3D!

Would you recommend ScientiFeet?

Absolutely. The advantages are a saving of time (less workshop work), a precise and above all reproducible impression (for example for 2nd pair in the weeks that follow …), a lightness and a comfort in static and dynamic, a choice of thickness and width of the template that can be adapted to all footwear volumes (thin and narrow for pumps, Richelieu, medium for crampons, runners, wide and solid for rangers, safety shoes …), durability over time … In conclusion for all my adult patients I opt for this technique thanks to its many settings.

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